I’m gonna say the word fuck. I’m gonna say the word fuck. I’m gonna say the word. I’m gonna say it now, I’m gonna say it later. I’m gonna say the word fuck till I get killed by an alligator, mother fucker. Get on it, get on it, get on it, get on it. Yo, I’m the mother fucker drivin’ the car. Saxophone. Saxophone solo for you and me. Yo, I smash your head in with a baseball bat I got from Kevin. I’ll hit you in the penis with a baseball bat I got from Kevin and that is that, okay? You don’t ask no questions when I’m around. I’ll fuckin’ knock your head out into the town. Yo, yo, here we go. This guy’s wearin’ orange like a rind. I’m gonna fuckin’ drive. This ranga’s got a rat tail. I’ll send you back with mash and bangers. I don’t give a crap about your broken back. I’m gonna hit you with my car. It’s my high school. HELP ME It’s not very cool ‘cause everyone there was a fuckin’ tool. That is what they like to suck on as well because they are cannibal dick suckers. They suck their own kind, they suck their own kind. They’re out of their mind suckin’ their kind. Take another break, take another break, throw a Dare Ice Coffee in the lake. Fasta Pasta, I’m the master of evolution in the space pollution. I’m gonna kill your kid when he’s outside playin’ in the fuckin’ sandpit. I just got a farm to manage like Kevin Rudd if he spoke Spanish. I’m gonna destruct the world, I’m gonna destruct the world. 80 on this road, detour. Long vehicle, long vehicle, yo. What does that remind you of? magicdweedoo Over the prairie. Drink your dairy. I’m gonna kill your cow. And I’m gonna fuck your mouse. We got the toy truck on the left. It’s blue and red. It’s got a fuckin’ cleft front. That is what it has. I’ll see you later when I change the alligator’s diaper. Yo, windscreen wipers wipin’ off the shit and dead bugs off my dick. I got windscreen wipers on my dick and I piss into a coal ‘cause I don’t need to shit. Everywhere I go, I can piss where I want. People won’t notice if they see the smoke coming from my pants, then they might know that I’m dickin’ around in my underpants. I’ll fuckin’ break your back and your crack. I’ll shove a piece of shit up your ass. It’s the reverse. It’s the reverse of your normal daily routine. I’m gonna shove a shit up your ass and give you some poutine. Earthworm Jim probably goes to the gym. He is buff as my friend called Jim. Just joking, I don’t have a friend called Jim. But I do have a friend called Don. Wait, no I don’t. That guy’s name is not Don. He was my music production teacher. He was an old school mother fucker. I will camp out in my tent. I’m going to say. I’m going to say it. I’m going to say it. I’m gonna say the word. The word is fuck. I’ve got a tattoo on my ass. It’s a picture of a cat eating fucking grass. Who is lookin’ through the window yo? I’m tryin’ to put my dick on. My fake dick is a piece of plastic. It’s a piece of plastic on my dick. What the fuck is my dick doin’ made out of plastic? I don’t know, it’s just there. Unscrew it, put it through my hair. Get new shampoo over there. Red light, red light district. Hipster next to me with lipstick wearin’ headphones. They’re blue and shit stick. Yo, the last person that gave me guff? They really thought they were really really fuckin’ tough. I got my knife, I sliced, I diced, I riced. I put them in a bag of rice. Get it on by getting on it. Get it on. Get it on by getting on it. Get it on. Get it on by getting on it. Get it on. Get it on by getting on it. Set the bomb off, yo. Gonna explode. M-e-t, a-p-h-o-r, yo. That girl. You’re not a bad girl, you’re a fuckin’ 40 year old bitch. You’re in it to win it. Beat the bomb on the radio-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa. Where will I choose to get home. Some bitch is gettin’ out of the car, fuck me yo. What is she doin’? What is she what what what what what? The clouds in the sky make me want to die. What is out there? What the fuck is out there beyond the space? What does the universe exist in? What does the universe exist in? What does the universe exist in? It could be the piece of shit through the needle of the pin. Grow a beard and fly around the sky when you die. Do ghosts exist? When I’m lookin’ at my cysts is there a person in spirit lookin’ at my cysts with me? And they insist there’s more to life than just this planet when you go outside.