some examples of my work

these are the things i like to do the most:

wild prog
snes inspired
certified bangers
guitar stuff

♫ my bread and butter: wild prog ♫

"Highbrow Drivel Theme"
the opening and closing theme song for a light-hearted podcast with a wide range of subject matters

"Creame Cheese"
an energetic and intense drum and bass style song

"Tomb of the Nine Crafts"
a long and dynamic song aiding the exploration of vast ancient ruins

"Government HQ"
the hero throws caution to the wind in an action-packed finale

"Tem Pteura"

♫ snes inspired ♫

morning dew drips off the jungle leaves and as the mist clears, adventure awaits

a classic rpg style battle song

♫ chill ♫

an alien land, maybe a dream, a warm place

music to aid recovery from traumatic physical injury

a minimal style song evoking memories of comfort

"Calm Breeze"
a peaceful world map & town theme

♫ certified bangers ♫

a driving party anthem for multiplayer mayhem

"Bus Stop Beat"
a warm synthwave inspired track

"Cast 1"
playing around with loops in this energetic Super Monkey Ball inspired track

"Street Lords"
a cold, urban vibe that evokes images of crime gangs patrolling the streets

♫ cinematic ♫

music to aid the solving of a peculiar mystery

the jungle stretches far beyond the eye is willing to believe

♫ messy ♫

"Medium Reminiscence"
a curious dream, a place between dimensions

"Dr. Drop It"

♫ guitar stuff ♫

"The Big Bang of Jack Banger"
a cheesy Power Rangers inspired credits song

"Wario Ultra"

"Rainbow Weather"
white skies and light rain, the perfect recipe for a beautiful rainbow


copyright (c) magicdweedoo 2022